About robsb

I have been an avid amateur photographer since I got a Brownie Hawkeye camera as a teen. I migrated to an Argus C3 and then through a series of Nikon DSLR's starting with a Nikon FTN and now shooting a Nikon Z7. In my film days I had a darkroom, but now exclusively use post-processing software. I am an adherent of Dan Margulis's Picture Postcard Workflow (PPW). I process my RAW files in Nikon Studio and move 16-bit tiffs to Photoshop 2022 where I further process the images using PPW. I sometimes use NIK Tools and OnOne RAW as well. I do not specialize in any one type of photography, though I really like to shoot nature, wildlife, landscapes, and macros. I also enjoy composites and other photo manipulations. I am retired from both the military as a USAF Lt. Col. and as a Program Manager in the Defense Industry. This gives me lots of time to pursue my photo and electronics hobbies. I also built my own computers.